Dear Editor,

I’ve worked with children for twenty-nine years through the Pulaski County School system as a teacher, a principal, and I am currently employed as the Assistant to the Director of Pupil Personnel and Truancy Officer. There has been a lot of change and improvement during those twenty-nine years. Within this time I spent approximately eight years dealing directly with district and family courts. It is my feeling that Family Court is one of the greatest improvements in providing help for the children and families in our community under the guidance of Judge Debra Lambert.

My responsibilities include, but are not limited to, working with the children and families of Pulaski County whoa re before Judge Lambert in Family Court. I work with various such as the Cabinet for Families and Children, the County Attorney’s Office, counselors, Mental Health Professionals, Foster Parents and Attorneys representing families in the Family Court System. All these professional providers assist Judge Lambert in ruling on each individual case, noting that all cases are different and unique. Many children have expressed their gratitude to me in regard to Judge Lambert, because she adamantly required them to stay in school while working at their potential. I’ve also had numerous family members speak to me concerning the positive accomplishments their children have achieved under direction of Judge Lambert. It’s my personal belief that Judge Lambert has had a direct impact on preventing children from dropping out of school. Judge Lambert is always complimentary of children and families reaching the goals established through Family Court.

I have personal knowledge of a great deal of individual time Judge Lambert sacrifices volunteering her services to the truancy diversion program which will hopefully prevent children from entering the Family Court System. During the five years Judge Lambert has been in office I have found her to be even tempered, compassionate, and committed to ruling in the best interested of the children that are before her. Judge Lambert has strong family values that reflect her public and private services to the community. Judge Lambert always faces the task at hand, and is willing to accept the numerous responsibilities that Family Court entails.

Larry Warren
Somerset, KY