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To my Constituents:

Our current Justice from the Third District, Daniel J. Venters, is retiring at the end of his current term. I am running to fill that seat.

My experience in the courtroom as a lawyer representing real people with real problems who want fair and prompt decisions has made me a better trial judge, a better appellate court judge, and will make me a better Supreme Court Justice as well.

I have a legal background that uniqueIy qualifies me for service on the Kentucky Supreme Court. I’ve represented many clients in civil court as well as in many different types of cases. Some were very interesting to a broad range of people and some were only interesting to the client. Regardless, I always have tried to be the strongest advocate I can be for those who seek my counsel.

I’ve spent my career fighting for victims of crime, for property owners, for workers, for all kinds of people whose lives were in turmoil, seeking justice and resolution. I’ve been a strong advocate for my clients in my private practice and have literally, and figuratively, stepped between them and harm when called upon to do so.

I love the law and all of its promise. The structure of the American justice system, which is based on the US Constitution, Bill of Rights, state constitution and statues, create not a perfect system, but the finest man made system in the world. I respect the dignity and beauty of such a system and pledge to uphold its tenets. I am prepared to make the tough decisions required of me and to do so within the law.

With appreciation for your support,

Judge Debra Hembree Lambert

Judge Debra Hembree Lambert

Judicial Experience, Judicial Integrity